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Bulgarian inbound touroperator, ASTA & JATA member, at Travel-Bulgaria-Tours we are committed to presenting you up-to-date information on our high-quality cultural tours of Bulgaria and our combined Balkan tours with two or more countries: Romania, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Kosovo… Picturesque corner of Eastern Europe, the Balkans are a fascinating place with great history and culture.

Cultural Tours of Bulgaria and the Balkans

We offer custom tours guaranteed to run on a minimum of two travelers. Our journeys are poised to provide you with the special holiday experience of your dreams, at a fair price. We focus on delivering deluxe personal services with no hidden costs.

Our programs for groups or individual travelers are specifically designed to meet your interests. By involving you in the process, we ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Our comprehensive travel packages are created with special care, taking attention to details. We flavor our tours by adding tastings of delicious wines, visits to art galleries, symphony concert or performance with classical or folk music.

Our luxury programs afford a remarkable opportunity to travel right in the heart of the Balkans, to some of their most magnificent towns, centers of culture, science, art, commerce, industry, and politics.

They provide a comprehensive exploration of this important area of the Old Continent, a multicultural arena of complex historic and artistic importance, dating back to the Roman Empire, Ancient Thrace, and beyond.

Aside from the pleasures of visiting and experiencing all but a handful of European countries, these feature-rich offers are hard to beat for charm, comfort, and value…