Tours of Bulgaria

Travel-Bulgaria-Tours’s cultural tour offerings encompass a vast canvas of history, art, architecture and landscape, from Ancient Thrace to the world we live in today; from World’s oldest gold to contemporary masterpieces; from Orpheus to the ‘Magic of the Bulgarian voices’.

The key to our ambitious portfolio of customizable private tours and travel itineraries lies in the unparalleled expertise of our tour-guides, care to detail and thoughtful planning – when else would you expect to visit Kazanluk but during the Rose Festival?

The website’s options are by no means comprehensive or exhaustive, but rather, hint at the general possibilities. Yet it is a great way of getting a feel for how we can address your specific touring needs.

We invite you to learn about Bulgaria’s diverse heritage, centuries-old traditions, its authentic folklore, and take the next step to experiencing the Balkans for yourself.

Explore Bulgaria’s modern capital of Sofia with its 8,000 years long history, stroll along the yellow-brick road from the Presidency to St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral, enjoy the trendy second largest city of Plovdiv with the longest pedestrian street in Europe, the vivid medieval capital of Veliko Turnovo, admire the valleys of vineyards spread all over the country and taste wines that are the toast of the Balkans, get in touch with the unique temptations of the local cuisine.

Enjoy the ease & safety of guided luxury travel with Travel-Bulgaria-Tours. Bulgaria is yours to discover with us.